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" Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. " Nelson Mandela

Raison d'être

Give the educational tools necessary for all young people so that they can become actors of their future.



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65% jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist...

So why not teach them the fundamental skills to be players in the world of tomorrow ?

What the Anglo-Saxons call the “soft skills” but also astrong general digital culture. Youtube - and more generally video - has become by far the first channel for acquiring knowledge for these same young people. And their attention span decreases, as does ours.

So why not make more massive use of these new formats that areteaching through video, short formats (micro learning),the gamificationto increase learner engagement ? 

We develop innovative educational solutions so that all young people can become actors of their future.  These innovations are developed inco-creation with young people and education professionals. Because better than anyone they know what they need. We believe invirtues of digital, but when it isat the service of pedagogy. Thus we use gamification, video, micro-learning and other techniques to maximize engagement. We believe that direct contact between trainers and learners is essential and favor ablended learning also called hybrid which mixes face-to-face and remote.

Nos offres

Develop new skills through the creation of associative projects or mini-companies.

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The digital coach to gain confidence in speaking in any situation.

Qui sommes-nous?


Engineer and holder of a doctorate, Yasmine has an international experience

in teaching and research with a natural requirement  in the development of our

workshops and our pedagogy.

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Maxime has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communication behind him in France and abroad. He puts all his energy into creating a fun universe and an innovative learning experience.

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After an experience in the cultural sector, Jean  launched into entrepreneurship by co-founding Oeil Pour Oeil, an agency  pioneer in gamification and digital education.

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